All About Me

Hello, I’m Lottie, the owner of Lottie’s Bridal Boutique. Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! Secondly, when are you coming to visit us!

Lottie’s is a relaxed and spacious boutique, opened in December 2012 with just one aim in mind. To be all about you, the Bride.

Your wedding day may be something you have always dreamt about, equally it may be something you only started to consider once you met ‘Mr. Right’, but either way it will be a day you will remember forever.

Memories, stories and tales that will be relived within your families for years to come and a day that you and your husband will cherish. That’s why we know how important it is that every step along the way is fun, enjoyable and how you imagined it to be.

We work on an appointment basis which enables us to solely focus on you and your friends and family during your time with us. We will listen to your thoughts and ideas, perhaps suggest things you hadn’t considered before, and in the end, help you find the dress you love!

Personally, having worked in bridal for over 14 years, I adore weddings! I always have. I love the romance, the lead up to the day and mostly, how each wedding is so different. That is reflected at the boutique in our style, our stunning collections and most importantly our personal service.

Come to Lottie’s, I’d love to meet you and you can experience the most talked about boutique on the Fylde Coast.