• Blog Post …. Things to come. September 12, 2014 - So here it is! Lottie’s brand spanking new website! What do you think? The website is now, as many people would say, your virtual shop window, and for those who pass the shop regularly will know, we take great pride in our fabulous window displays and so it seemed only right that our website followed […]
  • Lottie’s Top 5 Tips when choosing your dress. October 19, 2014 - What a fabulous day we’ve had! We were kindly invited by Ribby Hall Weddings to attend their bridal afternoon tea event. The plan was to have something a little different to your normal ‘wedding fayre’ and so the brides who attended were treated to afternoon tea (when someone offers cake, surely it’s a bonus) and […]
  • “Is this normal?” November 12, 2014 - Saturdays are always days full to the brim of beaming brides, excited bridesmaids and families who have waited in anticipation for a time when they venture into the world of wedding dress shopping. And what a world it is! For a lot of brides, it really is a complete unknown. What underwear should you wear? What questions will […]
  • Something Different? January 9, 2015 - Well it’s been a while! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time and are now enjoying drinking yakky green smoothies and having a dry January! I decided when we got the new website that I would blog all the time, however things are busy aren’t they and I wanted to make […]
  • What colour is a wedding dress? October 30, 2015 - Hooray … I have managed to log back in to my website! It’s been so incredibly bustling and busy and I knew really that I had forgotten my log in, that I haven’t had a moment to sit down and hammer in the 100 potential options that you do when guessing a password! (It’s not […]
  • I’m on a budget. November 15, 2015 - Well what a weekend! An action packed day in the boutique on Saturday followed by a fabulous wedding fair at Ribby Hall today! I love busy weekends, meeting new brides, chatting to family and friends, it’s great however there is usually, at least one person who has a negative story to tell. Be it a […]
  • Is three a crowd? March 9, 2021 - An age old saying, but is there any weight to it? From experience …. Yes and let me tell you why.  When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, you won’t be alone in imagining all of your girls together, giggles, fun, maybe a brunch or a lunch before or after and a whole heap […]
  • Would you share a wardrobe with your Mum? May 9, 2021 - Or your best friend or sister? The chances are the answer is no, and rightly so.  What makes the world so wonderful is individuality. In personality, in style and in the way we look. I quite often get asked what the most popular wedding dress is, my answer, there isn’t one for this exact reason.  […]