Something Different?

Something Different?

Well it’s been a while! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time and are now enjoying drinking yakky green smoothies and having a dry January!

I decided when we got the new website that I would blog all the time, however things are busy aren’t they and I wanted to make sure I was blogging about generally lovely things and also things that are relevant to all our fab brides and readers. I think I am mainly prompted now by things people say to me whilst out and about and in the boutique and this blog post is no different!

Some of you may know, I have a little bit of a soft spot for one of our designers, Ian Stuart. It’s a story for another day so for now all you need to know is … I love his dresses! We are lucky enough to have one particular dress of his called South Pacific and oh me, oh my, what a dress it is. With a gorgeous floral print it really is that ‘something different’ and in saying that provokes a lot of different opinions when people visit us here at Lottie’s.

So of course it went straight into the window with magical props from Mel at Add a Little Sparkle!

Stewart Window-8

Ian Stewart-7

This dress is exquisite, but only for a certain type of person. It’s bold pattern and full skirt is all incredible, if you are a girl that likes to turn heads, be a little unique and really rock your own style, however I get asked all the time “What’s your most popular dress?” “Is there a best seller?” and really the answer is no. It’s ok if this dress isn’t your bag, if you like more lace or less drama. Each girl is different. We don’t all dress the same, we don’t all share the same love of pink that I do and that is what makes you the person you are! When you put on your wedding dress, be it lacy, flouncy (love that word), sleek, satin, strapless, sleeved, it should feel like you as a bride. If you feel like you are ‘playing dress up’ it’s probably not ‘the one’. It goes back to a point I make time and time again, trust yourself. Try on a whole selection of dresses and re visit the ones that capture your imagination, the one that sparks vision in your head of how your wedding will look and don’t be afraid to say what you do and don’t like along the way! But most importantly, have fun!

Ian Stewart-21

Ian Stewart-37

I hope you love these images as much as I do, I must thank the wonderful team at Flower Design for the stunning bouquet, the really kind lady who owned the horse who didn’t look at me like I was mad when I stopped her in the street and told her the horse had the same colour hair as my model and the really fabulous James Jebson Photography. These pictures encapsulate the essence of this dress perfectly!

Ian Stewart-25Ian Stewart-56

Hopefully see you in the boutique soon to find the dress that’s right for you!

Lottie x